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National and International Educational Cooperation and Vocational Training
  • Specialized vocational training, individual, intra-business and inter-business;

  • Academic undergraduate and postgraduate programs (MBA, Masters, Specializations and Executive Programs), in partnership with registered institutions;

  • Development of projects according to the business, in order to support its activity and help achieving the strategic objectives;

  • Elaboration of applications for incentive systems in this field;

  • Certification of training entities;

  • Business Coaching to improve the performance of executives in order to obtain results.

Publication and Edition of Literary Works for Education and Training
Human resource Management
  • Human resource Management;

  • Labor negotiation;

  • Consultancy in restructuring processes and reduction of employees.

Our partners in this operational area:

Instituto Sciencius - Portugal

Jean Piaget Group - Portugal


NAST - Nepal Academy of Science and Technology – Nepal

MASTI - Maya Arts Science and Technical Institute – Nepal

NPA - Nepal PhD Association – Nepal

Universidade of Sofia - Bulgaria

Prof. Dr. Arta Musaraj – Albania

University of Tirana – Albania

Catholic University of Angola– Angola

INASS - International Network for Arab Societies Study - Lebanon