Financial and Tax Consulting
  • Financial evolution reports;  

  • Management and monitoring of investments;

  • Tax consultancy and advisory services;

  • Companies tax analysis;

  • Study, planning and fiscal framework;

  • Study and establishment of payment plans with creditor entities;

  • Audit and auditing of accounts;

  • IAPMEI Certifications.

National and International Marketing and Communications Consulting
  • Market studies;

  • Benchmarking;

  • Brand's strategic plan;

  • Digital marketing plan;

  • Marketing audit;

  • Measurement of the company's performance in the market;

  • Support and establishment in the internationalization strategy.

Business Consulting
  • Support in the establishment of strategies to generate positive results in the commercial area of the business;

  • Evaluation of the applicability and profitability of the business, in order to obtain a projection of its behavior towards the market.Evaluation of the applicability and profitability of the business, in order to obtain a projection of its behavior towards the market.

  • Identification of improvement opportunities;

  • Process optimization.

Quality Management Consulting
  • Consulting, training and auditing for the implementation and maintenance of quality management systems;

  • Support in culture strategies for quality and its monitoring through indicators and targets.

Hygiene and Safety at Work Consulting
  • Consultancy, training and auditing for the Implementation of Safety and Hygiene at Work Standards;

  • Risk assessment and proposed improvements.

Information Technology Consulting
  • Nanotechnology (Nanoscale empowerment);

  • Strategic planning of information systems;

  • Diagnosis and improvement of processes;

  • Websites and platforms;

  • Web Marketing.

Other Specialized Technical and Scientific Consulting
Our partners in this operational area:

Sciencius Consulting – Portugal

Atlas Way - Portugal

Stanchev law office - Sofia, Bulgaria / Martin Stanchev Attorney at Law

Professional Association Crastolla Law & Consulting Firm – Italy

PMP POSLOVNI SERVISI, d.o.o. – Croatia

Dekorina d.o.o. – Slovenia

Tropic Investment Group - Cape Verde

European Commission

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