Regional and Local Economic Development
Development and Environment
  • Local, regional and urban planning and development;

  • Environmental requalification;

  • Environmental planning and ordering;

  • Environmental management system;

  • Environmental impact studies;

  • Renewable energy systems;

  • Projects of deployments and residual treatments (WWTP, etc.).

Investment Projects
  • Survey of investment needs and financial resources;

  • Evaluation of capital structure, indebtedness and cost of capital;

  • Investment projects elaboration and applications for submission to financing entities;

  • Support in obtaining complementary funding.

Project Management
  • Project development process.

Business Diagnostics and Financial and Organizational Restructuring
  • Critical analysis of key functions, business processes and practices of the company;

  • Company’s situation diagnosis and presentation of a set of recommendations and measures to optimize and restructure the company;

  • Arbitration and Conciliation in the Business Environment;

  • Restructuring and rehabilitation of companies; 

  • Business and company viability support;

  • Strategic and organizational planning;

  • Evaluation of the management structure;

  • Proposals and implementation of improvements in the establishment of strategic objectives;

  • Institutional intermediation with creditor entities;

  • Support in obtaining necessary funding;

  • Interim Management.

Strategies and Business Plans Establishment
  • Analysis of the business sector and business strategies adopted by the company;

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing strategies, financial, operational, logistics, among others;

  • Proposal of new market segments to be explored, as well as products and services to be offered by the company;

  • Final formulation of the main business strategies to be used, establishing the strategic objectives of the company;

  • Development of Company's actions and defined objectives alignment.

Mergers and Acquisitions - Valuation and Sale of Companies

This service can be used for business and company assessment processes, nationally and internationally, in search of partners, mergers and incorporations, as well as the establishment of the best strategy for this purpose.

  • Identification of strategic targets, at national or international level (for purchase or sale);

  • Business opportunities and threats analysis;

  • Evaluation of economic performance;

  • Company's business risk analysis;

  • Assessment of management skills at the executive level;

  • Acquisition of companies for strategic expansion (internationalization or increase of market share) or for horizontal / vertical diversification;

  • Business and company Evaluation, according to the intended objective;

  • Evaluation process and preparation of the company's integration plan after the acquisition;

  • Intermediation activities in the purchase and sale of small and medium-sized enterprises and other businesses;

  • Follow-up of the process until the closing of the business.

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