EUCED has a wide range of means of integration, witch entities can choose from according to the objective and potential of that entities. There are four main categories in the following order: Full Member, Associate Member, Associated Partner, and Cooperation Partner.

In some cases, has other special categories for specific representatives, namely Ambassador, Regional Vice President, National Representative, Area Director and others.

The following legal organizations can become members (Full, Associate or Partners) according to their geographical location: Government Agencies, Regional and Local Authorities, Academia and Institutes, Technological Centers, Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, NGO´s, Public and Private Companies and Businesses, Individual Entrepreneurs, Other Economic Agents.


(only from countries within the European Union and the European Economic Area)







How to Join

Services and Benefits

- Representation of interests and needs in the most varied regions (information / advocacy);

- Official and administrative intermediation with European and International institutions;

- Organization of delegations, visits, missions, events, etc, on behalf of members and partners to the European Commission and the European Parliament;

- Information on funds available worldwide;

- Patronage by the European Commission and the European Parliament for activities co-organised by EUCED;

- Commercial representation for interregional and international business;

- Supporting funding operations for project development;

- Economic, cultural and tourist assets promotion of each region;

- Inclusion of an official address in Brussels;

- Inclusion on the EUCED international platform;

- Presentation and dissemination of projects in the European and international area;

- Development and implementation of product and / or service campaigns in the European Union and other countries;

- Assessment and appraisal of each situation presented by members and associates, following the technical advice of the process.

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