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Pan-European advanced manufacturing assistance and training for SMEs



The objective is to reinforce the competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs by providing easy and pan-European access to advanced manufacturing advice and expertise as well as training programmes. The services to be provided to the SME should be driven by its business needs and the implementation must be flexible and fast to better cope with the speed of innovation in advanced manufacturing and the SME requirements.


Deadline for the submission of applications:

Dec 1, 2020   

Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa



This action responds to the Joint Communication for a Comprehensive Strategy with Africa adopted on 9/3/2020, which highlights that innovation is key to enable African countries to pursue sustainable pathways to development through a low-carbon, climate resilient and green growth trajectory, leapfrogging fossil fuel technologies. It will contribute to the present R&I Partnership on Climate Change and Sustainable Energy of the EU/AU High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation that is expected to strongly contribute to Action 1 of the Comprehensive Strategy with Africa. 


Actions should demonstrate innovative sustainable energy solutions that consider climate adaptation and mitigation potential compared to other technologies/solutions in the African social, economic and environmental contexts. The solutions may address: 

  • development of renewable energy sources, including solutions for off-grid communities, and their integration into the existing energy system, considering the generation of renewable energy, the transmission, and the use of storage/battery systems.

  • energy efficiency.


Deadline for the submission of applications:

Jan 26, 2021 

Climate-resilient Innovation Packages for EU regions



The planned Horizon Europe Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change, including Societal Transformation[3] will test, evaluate and scale-up a range of adaptation solutions with the aim to trigger societal transformations among key community systems (i.e., health; primary production including agriculture, forestry, fisheries and acquaculture; water; environment, including biodiversity; and infrastructure including clean energy and transport) that are central to resilience building and sustainable growth. Therefore, the actions funded under this call topic will serve as early facilitators in pre-identifying and upscaling the most promising cross-sectoral solutions at a regional scale[4].


Deadline for the submission of applications:

Jan 26, 2021   

LIFE 2020/2021 calls



Environment sub-programme

(Two-stage application process)

  • April 2020: Call open for traditional projects

  • June 2020: Submission of concept notes

  • October 2020: Pre-selection of concept notes invited to submit full proposals

  • February 2021:Submission of full proposals

  • June 2021: Information about results

  • September 2021: start of the projects

Climate action sub-programme
(Single-stage application process)

  • April 2020: Call open for traditional projects

  • September 2020: Submission of full proposals

  • February 2021: Information about results

  • June 2021: start of the projects

Strategic alliances for the uptake of advanced technologies by SMEs on the economic recovery



The specific objective of the action is to launch two pilot projects focused on building alliances among traditional and tech-savvy SMEs through industrial cluster organisations in order to promote SME collaboration and technology adoption within specific industrial ecosystems.


Applicants must be legal entities and shall be representatives of industry, research community, and technology providers. A non-exhaustive list of potential applicants includes, for instance:

  • cluster organisations 

  • technology centres 

  • SMEs

Deadline for the submission of applications:

2 February 2021, 17:00 (Brussels time).

Co-financing of public procurement of innovation consortia



This COSME call for proposals is expected to contribute to a substantial increase in the proportion of SMEs with access to the public procurement market, and in particular of the public procurement of innovation. In parallel, it will also contribute to increasing the visibility and awareness of the advantages of procuring innovation for a constantly increasing greater number of public buyer.

The evaluation process will apply a two-stage methodology:

-Stage 1 of the evaluation, applicants will have to submit an outline and a summary budget. The deadline for electronic submission is 19 January 2021, 17:00h (Brussels time)

- Stage 2 of the evaluation, the invited applicants will have to submit a full proposal and a detailed budget. The deadline for electronic submission will be 8 June 2021, 17:00h (Brussels time).

Deadline for the submission of applications:

19 January 2021

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