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Cooperation in educational and training matters is a topic of considerable significance for EUCED's sphere of action, having as its main objective to promote and support the dissemination of knowledge and access to training, contributing to the reduction of illiteracy in the most deprived regions of the world. Among its contributions, the following actions stand out:

  • Intermediation in international partnerships in professional education and training;


  • Mediation and protection of the interests of its Members and Associates;

  • Foster bilateral relations and meetings between entities and institutions of educational interest.


Escritório de Advocacia

Our partners in this operational area:

  • Instituto Sciencius – Portugal

  • Jean Piaget Group – Portugal

  • APROFFLUSO – Portugal

  • NAST - Nepal Academy of Science and Technology – Nepal

  • NPA - Nepal PhD Association – Nepal

  • MASTI - Maya Arts Science and Technical Institute – Nepal

  • INASS - International Network for Arab Societies Study - Lebanon

  • Universidade of Sofia – Bulgaria

  • Prof Dr Arta Musaraj – Albania

  • University of Tirana – Albania

  • Catholic University of Angola – Angola

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