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Board of Governors

   President - Manuel Pereira
   Vice-President - Helena Faustino
Executive Committee

   President - Manuel Pereira
   Vice-President - Helena Faustino   

   Director - Andreia Moura

Representatives and Regional Vice-Presidents
   Special Representative for the European Union Relations - Manuel Pereira   

   Special Representative for the SADC Region - Helena Faustino

   Regional Vice-President for the ECOWAS Region - Marco Caetano 

   Regional Vice-President Croatia - Mislava Pavić

   Regional Vice-President Albania - Luiza Hoxhaj

   Regional Vice-President Brasil (São Paulo) - Ruth Adissi

   Regional Vice-President Nepal - Niroj Pandey

   Regional Vice-President Mozambique - Rui Samo Gudo

   Regional Vice-President South Africa 
- Jaco van Heerden

   Regional Vice-President Nigeria - Alexander Omijeh

Non-Executive Boards

    Director - Henrique Oliveira

    Director - Marco Caetano

    Tropic Investment Group, Cape Verde (Associate)

    Institutional Advisor - Ksenija Cipek, Croatia

    Institutional Advisor - Alfredo Collosa, Argentina

Institutional Advisor - Mevlüt Aydoǧmuş, Turkey 

Regional Advisor - Zlatko Jovanovic, Serbia

    Regional Advisor - Martin Stanchev, Bulgaria