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EUCED as a European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.), acts as a facilitator for national and international cooperation, tackling economic activities and establishing strategic alliances for its members, associates and partners,

Cooperation in European and International Affairs
  • Transnational development activities in the European Union and European Economic Area, strategic alliances and partnerships in other regions of the world;

  • Cooperation and Partnership in economic, business and joint ventures;

  • European and multilateral programs and actions;

  • Conveyance of Technology and Innovation (know-how);

  • Investments and shareholdings.

Financing and Supporting Programs for National and International Development
  • Research and dissemination of different national and international financing mechanisms;

  • Intermediary between the Promoter and the different financing contact points.


Internationalization of Companies and Economic Activities
  • Diagnosis of international investment opportunities;

  • Expansion and diversification of markets;

  • Identification and establishment of strategic business partners;

  • Support in the development of international projects, export and investment, in several international markets;

  • Representation of activities in the international economic area.

International Trading and Procurement
  • Monitoring the planning of international trading and procurement processes;

  • Organization of B2B meetings, Workshops, presentation at international fairs;

  • Prospecting for international markets and customers.

Promotion and Organization of National and International Events
  • Support in the promotion and realization of corporate and social events;

  • Intermediary for the organization of events in the spaces provided by the EU institutions (European Commission and European Parliament).

Escritório de Advocacia

Our partners in this operational area:

  • Academicus - International Scientific Journal - Albania

  • Tropic Investment Group - Cape Verde

  • INASS - International Network for Arab Societies Study  - Lebanon


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