Here you can find some participations and partnerships of EUCED.


Meetings of EUCED Board with the European Parliament and the European Commission

The President of EUCED - European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.), Manuel Pereira, in the capacity of an Interests Representative before the European Parliament, has held several meetings in this institution, including Members of Parliament, as well as of the Institutional Lobby. In the latter, some representatives from the United Kingdom gave notice that they seek to establish trade agreements with Portugal and with other EUCED member countries, in the near future.

At the European Commission, the President of EUCED has conveyed his greetings to the new College of Commissioners, all of them abroad at the time for the Africa Summit in Addis Ababa, and has met with the Cabinet of Commissioner Mrs. Jutta Urpilainen, in charge of the current “International Partnerships”, which includes, namely, the extra-European funding and support instruments, as well as the architecture and implementation of European cooperation and financing plans for the European Union's external development.

On a very pleasant and interesting meeting with Mrs. Diana Montero Melis, a Member of the Cabinet some of the current and important issues of the European Union were debated, in line with the priorities announced by President Ursula von der Leyen, such as the European Green Deal, the Digital Age, the International Cooperation and Sustainable Development and its new instruments, the progress made in EU-Africa relations and the ACP-Partnerships, the definition and the operationalization of the aid and incentive programmes for Africa, Latin and South America and Asia, among others.

In this particular regard, the increasingly used issue of “Innovative Financing” was also addressed, which includes operations with partner institutions in the banking sector, mainly in the form of financial “blending” facilities, in order to eliminate some still existing bottlenecks concerning the private investment in Africa and in the European Neighborhood countries. EUCED highlighted its current position regarding the progress of currently ongoing investment projects originated in its Members and Associates, to be developed in priority areas and sectors both in Europe and in other Regions.

EUCED made the report of some of the activities in which EUCED has been involved with, especially within the scope of European initiatives and policies and its legislative implementation, as well as the international actions of information and communication that have been carried out through EUCED liaisons in a great number of countries in the world.

The President of EUCED also took the opportunity to express his good wishes to the new Commissioners and his thanks to Mrs. Montero Melis for her kindness and time availability on such a short notice, as well as to her nice personal assistant, Ms. Marta Krynicka.

Meeting between EUCED and Municipality of Lichinga

EUCED - European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) welcomed last 18 February in its premises in Lisbon, the delegation from the Municipality of Lichinga, in the Republic of Mozambique, composed of the President of the Municipal Council, its Councillors and Experts, as part of its official visit to Portugal, which also included a visit to some Portuguese towns, including Penalva do Castelo, with which Lichinga agreed to be entwined.

The institutional and technical work meeting held with both teams at EUCED, served the purpose of knowing more in detail the current reality of the Municipality of Lichinga, and the proposed objectives aiming at the economic and social development of the Municipality and as well as of the Region of Niassa to which it belongs.

In this context, some projects and investment initiatives that intend to respond to the needs of the Municipality and its populations and are already locally identified, were presented to EUCED, namely the Waste Management and Road Infrastructure sectors, Agriculture and Agro-Industrial, Renewable Energies, Health and Education, which coincide with the priorities currently followed by the European Union and are marked in the United Nations Millennium Goals.

The Board of EUCED has taken due note of the concerns expressed by the delegation of the Municipality of Lichinga, which will be studied in order to find solutions within the framework of the European Union's political and economic strategy for the ACP countries.

New Associate - Jean Piaget Group

EUCED - European Economic Interest Grouping, has the honour of announcing that the Jean Piaget Group is, as of today, ASSOCIATE of this European Grouping. In this way, Universities and Higher Schools belonging to the Jean Piaget Group in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Brazil also automatically become Members in this same category. Over the 40 years of its existence, the Jean Piaget Group has contributed to human and social development, through the creation and consolidation of institutions that implement sustainable education, professional training and research projects, as well as community intervention in various sectors . The partnership with EUCED for the development of new projects, has been an asset for its final implementation. EUCED management and teams welcome and join the Jean Piaget Group and its Institutions, in this new stage of seeking achievements in favour of excellence and sustainable development.


New Associate - Tropic Investment Group

It is with great enthusiasm that EUCED announces Tropic Investment Group, S.A, as its new Associate. This partnership was the result of the recent visit of EUCED Board to Cape Verde, in which this company is based. We believe this collaboration will be very fruitful in a very near future.


EUCED Delegation Visiting Cape Verde

A Delegation from EUCED - European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) composed of its President Manuel Pereira, Vice-President Helena Faustino, as well as Marco Caetano, Partner and Member of EUCED Advisory Board, was visiting Cape Verde from 23 to 28 September. The purpose of this visit was to strengthen the existing relations between EUCED and other Cape Verde entities, as well as to assess the region’s potential for the development of investment projects in various domains and sectors.
The delegation was on Santiago Island and held meetings with institutions representing the governmental and economic context of Cape Verde and was  received, inter alia, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Olavo Correia, by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Energy Alexandre Dias Monteiro, by the Minister of Agriculture and Environment Gilberto Silva, by the Mayor of Praia Óscar Santos, by the President of the Red Cross of Cape Verde Arlindo de Carvalho, by the Executive Director of ECREEE - ECOWAS Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Mahama Kappiah, by the Vice-President of AdS - Águas de Santiago Nilton Duarte, by the Director of Praia Development Association (Pro-Praia) José Jorge Pina and also by the Pro-Dean of the University of Cape Verde João Cardoso.  The delegation also paid a visit to Tarrafal where some “sets” of school materials intended for the students were offered to the local school Principal.
A technical visit also occurred to the Piaget University in Praia, where an investment project on education is being carried out, and whose development is currently in charge of EUCED technical teams in Lisbon and in Brussels.
The visit to Cabo Verde resulted in obvious promising contacts, and EUCED has already started its investment process in the country through its local subsidiary, just recently established in the capital.



COMinG 2020 Events

In 2020, COMinG - Communication Institute of Greece, will once more host the tree annual conferences held in 2019, Athens, Greece, namely, the 6th International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2020) and  the 2nd International Conference on Political Sciences: New Challenges, New Prospects (HEPO2020) (Communicating in Politics?), on 03-07 May 2020, and the 2nd International Conference on Education (EDU2020) on 10-14 May 2020. You can find detailed information about the conferences HERE

New Associate - Prof. Dr. Arta Musaraj

EUCED is deeply honoured to announce Prof. Dr. Arta Musaraj, from Albania, as its new Associate! Prof. Dr. Arta Musaraj, Ph.D. in Economics and Communication Studies, is a distinguished Albanian Academician and Founder and Editor-in-chief of the Academicus, which is also a Cooperation Partner of EUCED. An experienced University Rector, Dean and Senior Lecturer, she is also a Certified Expert, Consultant and Trainer of the IFC and of the World Bank, as well as a former Deputy Defence Minister of Albania. We believe that this cooperation is bound for great and mutually rewarding opportunities together whilst fostering a closer relation between Portugal and Albania. EUCED team and staff hereby extend a warm welcome to Prof. Dr. Arta Musaraj!

EDU2019 - COMinG

The International Conference on Education (EDU2019), organized by COMinG, which took place from 13 to 16 of May of 2019, in Athens, Greece. This conference brought together academics, professionals and industry experts with interdisciplinary interests to discuss the future perspectives of the evolution of Education. See the complete abstract HERE


ICCM2019 - COMinG

EUCED was present at the annual conference International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2019), organized by COMinG. It was held on 15-18 April of 2019. EUCED was represented by its President, Manuel Pereira, who gave an opening speech on the first day of the conference. See the complete abstract HERE

Meeting at CPLP

Meeting between Executive Secretary of CPLP Ambassador Francisco Ribeiro Telles, the President and Vice-President of EUCED, Manuel Pereira and Helena Faustino, and the President of Aproffluso, Luis Sinate.


Meeting with H.E. the Secretary of State 

EUCED and APROFFLUSO have met with H.E. the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Professor João Sobrinho Teixeira and his Advisor, Dr. Nuno Miguel Lima, whose availability and kindness is duly appreciated.
At the meeting, were present Prof. Manuel Pereira and Dra. Helena Faustino on behalf of EUCED - European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) and Prof. Luis Sinate representing APROFFLUSO - Lusophone Teachers and Trainers Association. The meeting aimed at introducing to the Secretary of State and his team, a new project resulting from a partnership between EUCED and APROFFLUSO, to be carried out in the countries of CPLP - Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, which is currently under development.


HEPO2019 - COMinG

COMinG - Communication Institute of Greece, organized a new conference in the field of political science, named Hellenic conference of political science: New Challenges, New Answers (HEPO2019) which took place from 17th to 20th April in Athens, Greece. Manuel Pereira, President of EUCED, participated in the event, delivering a workshop named as “The practical science (or almost-science.....) of international developing finance: Public, private or mixed?” on the 18th April. See the complete abstract HERE


New Associate - ATLAS WAY

It is with great enthusiasm that EUCED announces Atlas Way as a new Associate. The reflection of an active partnership that has been collaborating in several projects.

Atlas Way novo Associate Member.jpg

New Associate - APROFFLUSO

We are pleased to inform that APROFFLUSO, former EUCED Associated Partner, has been promoted to Associate. We have been following this association since it was founded and we hope to continue this partnership, with such good professionals, for many years.

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